I’ve been chasing Georgia O’Keeffe for years. Her collection of bold-colored florals and strange skeleton heads are beguilingly.

Be careful though not to stand too close to one, because it’s hard not to fall in.

This feeling of getting lost in Georgia’s artwork is not unusual for many people.  It’s hard to explain why her painting have this effect.  But they do.  It’s easier to understand why Georgia is one of America’s greatest abstract painters and the sensational way her work has redefined modern art.

Wednesday’s article, Georgia O’Keeffe: Beauty in Simplicity, takes us through Georgia’s art and encourages us to embrace our individuality and the powerful ways we are connected to nature.

Today’s video “Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life of Art” is narrated by Gene Hackman and provides the perfect Friday escape.  We see what Georgia’s life looked like and hear her talk about her strong connection to nature.

So much has been written about this and the timeless style of Georgia work.  I can’t help but think it’s because it combined the abstract with reality.

Whatever the reason, today’s video takes us to New Mexico – O’Keeffe country.  Georgia made Ghost Ranch, a small village next to the town of Abiquiu, her home.  It provided the privacy and solitude she longed for, and gave her what she desired most – a source for her art.

Last winter, I enjoyed a long weekend vacation to New Mexico with one of my dear friends, Lisa.

The southwestern desert was beautiful and our visit to Georgia’s Ghost Ranch home made for the perfect “Thelma and Louise” girls getaway even though we were far from the Grand Canyon

Enjoy the excellent tour through history and views of her home and surrounding landscape.  Perched on top of a high hill, her house commands the most breathtaking place to watch the rising and setting sun.  The short 45 minute drive from Santa Fe also provides plenty of time to hoot and holler in the car, singing along to country and western tunes.  If you’re lucky enough to drive a convertible, you can also feel the dry warm air cut through your hair as it whips along the highway.

Here’s hoping you’re inspired by art and the places that help you discover it.  In Georgia’s words, “Nature is so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

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