“I want real things – live people to take hold of – to see – and to talk to – Music that makes holes in the sky.”

Georgia O’Keeffe, 1916

While a century old, these words scream to me in our 21st century.  We live in an age of artificial intelligence, surrounded by cell phones and “hey google” machines.  Minus the music, we make more holes in the sky with satellites and fuselage than we do things of love and inspiration.

No wonder I smile each time I spot the HSBC advertisement that reads:  “The best intelligence isn’t artificial.” In an age of modified, enhanced and engineered, how many of us yearn for the kind of life that American abstract artist Georgia O’Keeffe claimed for herself and shared with the world?

This Week’s WS Feature: Georgia O’Keeffe

Welcome to the life and artistic journey of Georgia O’Keeffe. She longed for spiritual understanding and strove to live a life free from prevailing cultural norms.  Leaving behind traditional styles of painting, Georgia embraced clean lines, simple forms and new perspectives that captured the emotional power of what she saw and felt.

Everything about Georgia’s landscapes, buildings or florals reflected her dedicated ode to the simple life. She spent hours painting alone in the sun and the rain and communing with the red hills, low mountains and desert heat that she loved.

When Georgia’s White Flower #1 set a record $44 million for art sold by a female artist in 2014, it was obvious the world was still listening.

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