Embrace your power of influence.

As a strong woman leading national movements, Kiran Bedi refused to let her power of influence be diminished by India’s social perceptions of women. Instead, Bedi has gained international attention for her dedication and conviction that real progress occurs when communities act to enforce and uphold a country’s laws and regulations without exception.

In this 2012 TEDx Talk in partnership with BITSGoa, Bedi discusses how early in life she was faced with two options:

  1. to use the opportunities presented to her to expand her power of influence; or,
  2. to diminish her power of influence out of fear or doubt.

Bedi claims her ability to succeed in each area of her career—whether a traffic cop in Delhi, an Inspector General of Prisons for Tihar, or a civilian police advisor for the U.N.—is intimately linked with her deliberate choice to expand her power of influence.

Bedi breaks down her speech into three parts:

  • abolishing preferential treatment for those considered VIP citizens;
  • correcting policing initiatives to break the cycle of criminal activity;
  • and enforcing the law in the wake of protests for stricter graft laws in India.

Bedi has become a leading figure in her country’s efforts for justice, equality, and opportunity. Do not shy away from your own power. Follow Bedi’s example, and step forward with confidence. It just might help you make changes in your own life, no matter how big or small.

Alexandria Meinecke

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