“Ethics, decency and morality are the real soldiers.”

Kiran Bedi

It’s unusual to picture three highly charged words like these three as foot soldiers of our life’s work, but that’s exactly what Kiran Bedi does this week’s as WomanScape’s woman changing history.

For Kiran, the first woman to join the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1972, her service to others is personified in her quest to rid India of corruption and to provide greater opportunities for women. Bedi is devoted to enforcing the law and improving the opportunities of others who are on the wrong side of it.

She does this by challenging social and political injustices, and pursuing prison reforms in a way that many thought impossible especially because Bedi’s a woman.  Bedi insists no one is above the law, including the Prime Minister whose car was hoisted by crane to a pound for parking illegally on the street.

Bedi’s nickname “Crane Bedi”, however, stands for so much more.  Her words have become the architecture of change for India.  Much like Anita Dube (1958-present), a contemporary Indian artist whose art personifies the value of words, Bedi’s work examines and redefines the meaning of political and cultural traditions.

For example, in her 2007/8 exhibit entitled 5 Words, Dube explores the possible interpretations, questions, and ideas associated with 5 words beginning with the letter “W”.  Her sculpture of the word “woman” is compelling.  There is room to walk around it, to examine the wax texture and light, and to feel the warmth radiate.

Join us Wednesday as Alexandria Meinecke explores Kiran Bedi’s work and her unwavering commitment to redefine and inspire greater possibilities for greater ethical, decent and moral beauty in the world.

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