Anything is possible.  Never underestimate the power of mothers to fight human rights abuses and condemn unjust laws.  Around the world, mothers lead change as charismatic leaders.

When Candace Lightner’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver in California, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) was born.  Lightner’s fight for harsher punishments and fewer impaired drivers galvanized a national crusade to prevent drinking and driving.

In Argentina, Mothers of the Disappeared (also called the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo) brought down a military government that used fear, torture and death to control its citizens.  The victims’ mothers took to the streets protesting the disappearance of more than 30,000 people who questioned the tyranny.

Marching in the Plaza de Mayo (pictured above), the mothers attracted the attention of other Latin American countries like Mexico.  Together, they ended  the “dirty war” tactics by 1983.

But what stands out most about both of these victories as we reflect on this last WS week of mothers, is the power of women to make anything possible.

WS Feature: India’s Kiran Bedi

This week’s woman making history is India’s, Kiran Bedi.  As the first woman to join the Indian Police Service in New Delhi in 1972, Bedi quickly earned a reputation as a fearless advocate for social justice and prison reform.

Monday, we introduce Bedi’s story in our usual WS Art Card.  Wednesday is our in-depth feature detailing Bedi’s success in law enforcement. It is particularly inspiring given the traditional confines and violent sexual abuses that many Indian women continue to face.

As always, Friday is a time to reflect on how Bedi’s story can help us.  Bedi jumps right to the point in her TedX Talk dispelling the myth that women can’t have an independent career while still honoring their cultural traditions.

She goes a step further by showing us the power of expanding our self-confidence and sphere of influence.

And finally, in a special note, WomanScape extends a warm welcome to Alexandria Meinecke.

Alexandria is this week’s featured writer who joins our select team as a published writer, editorial consultant and graduate of the University of San Francisco.  Alexandria is a resident of sunny West Palm Beach, Florida but is hard at work completing a doctoral program at Lancaster University, U.K.

Enjoy the week ahead and never doubt, in Bedi’s words, that anything is possible if you work hard enough to achieve it.


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