A mother’s love is our first relationship in life. It sets the stage for our happiness on so many levels, from how we love ourselves to how we interact with and love each other. It could be the single most powerful primary influence that shapes who we become.

Today, WomanScape celebrates all mothers and the unconditional gifts that come from a life-giving, nurturing, motherly love.  And, if you haven’t read WS writer Denise Benson’s magical Mother’s Day Miracle tribute to her grandmother and mother, you should!

WS Feature: Irena Sendler 

This past week, WS looked at the groundbreaking work of Rachel Carson, a true force of nature who helped the world to see the fragile and symbiotic relationship humans have with our environment.  Case in point as I traveled to Grand Cayman to chill from my Arctic adventure.  I had the chance to swim with the stingrays and marvel at a Starfish preserve, while learning about their role in our ecosystem.

Looking ahead to this week, marvel at the brave and compassionate “sheroics” of Irena Sendler, who saved more than 2500 Jewish children during the WWII death camps. Polish born Irena has been called the female version of Schindler although I would argue her “Jar of Names” and smuggling efforts are also both a cultural and religious bridge to peace.

Take time to do something meaningful or to remember every mother-figure and nurturing person in your life.  Have a great week ahead and we’ll see you again for another inspiring week of artful storytelling on WomanScape!




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