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“Mother Earth – a Force of Nature”

In May, we welcome Spring and Mother’s Day. The weather begins to warm as we set aside a day to honor the life-giving, nurturing qualities women and their role in child rearing.

For me, motherhood is undoubtedly one of the single greatest pleasures and responsibilities I’ll ever know.  I am the mother of three confident daughters and a grandmother to two boys and two girls.  While it is very important to pay homage to the critical ways that motherhood shapes family and our world, WomanScape wanted to also push beyond the traditional perspectives.

This month we consider MOTHER in four more contextual and pluralistic ways, as a:

  • force of nature;
  • giver of love;
  • driver of leadership; and,
  • creator of movements.

WS Feature: Rachel Louise Carson

Meet Rachel Louise Carson, this week’s woman making history.  She was an American biologist whose writings and studies laid the foundation for our global environmental movement.

Rachel was a tour de force and advocate for nature.  In her seminal work Silent Spring, Rachel warned that our human mastery over nature came with great perils. In our growing call to environmental protection, Rachel is a timely lesson in history.

WS’s Brand New Format!

This week, WomanScape is also breaking new ground and changing our format.  We’ll be putting out the same great content on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but embracing a new format:

Monday            WS Art Card spotlighting our featured woman making history

Wednesday      Featured woman making history

Friday               Video/podcast discussing the impact of WS’s  featured woman in our modern world

Sunday             WS Week Ahead

Have a great week ahead and don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts with us.  See you soon on WomanScape!



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