Like so many women today, Amanda Bernard used to bite her nails when she was nervous, bored, anxious, or scared, till one day she decided she was the one in charge. Now, she empowers other women to do the same.

Nearly half of all teenagers bite their nails. And a whopping 43% of adults do, too. Even Jackie Onassis, one of the most idolized women in the world. Nail biting is a bad habit, agreed. It has also been shown to be a sign of perfectionism and anxiety. In some cases, even OCD. It is ugly and socially inappropriate, but so difficult to stop. It affects women’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Amanda Bernard was just one of many who struggled with this problem, unable to find a product that would help. Till one day, rather than hiding her hands, she took the matter into them.

“I wanted a product that would make people love their real nails.”

It did not exist, so this Canadian entrepreneur created it.

Bitter Gold is an odorless nail serum that strengthens and hardens nails, heals dry skin, promotes nail growth, and most importantly, has a sour, bitter taste; the perfect way to keep even the most determined mouths away from fingers!

The bottle comes with a silicone stress-free bracelet in black and gold, designed to help the wearer distract themselves when they feel the urge to bite. To that, add an Instagram community of users around the world taking part in a 30-Day Challenge: One Picture. One Theme. Per Day.

“Loving your nails can really help your self-esteem and build up your confidence. […] My definition of success would be working on something that I love doing while helping people.”

Achieving that success was far from easy.

Developing the product and bringing it to market took a lot of work, testing, and three years. The formula had to be safe but effective. The package, a pleasure to receive when it arrived in the mail. The biggest challenge, though, was manufacturing.

“The product batch is too small.”
“The bitter formula might ruin our machines.”
“We do not work with cosmetics.”

But for every no she received, Amanda tried again, and again, till she found a manufacturer – a woman – who saw potential in her product and agreed to work with her. Bitter Gold hit the market.

“I am not going to say it was easy because it wasn’t. It takes a lot of drive to push yourself during your lowest moments, but what I have learned is that there will always be new obstacles that arise, and with obstacles, there will always be a solution.”

Like this one for nail-biting!

Bitter Gold’s mission is “to motivate people all over the world to love their real nails and build up their confidence to improve their life.” And nothing is more rewarding than the feedback from customers.

Some are funny:

“People accidentally licking their nails and screaming out my name!”

Others, heartwarming:

“[I heard] from a woman who had been wearing fake nails for over five years. She heard about my product and wanted to try it. Within a few weeks, she had sent me photos of her before and after, and it was such a big change. She confessed that she was so happy about her nails and never wanted to have fake nails again.”

Bitter Gold is the tool. The 30-Day Challenge and bracelet are fun ways to keep consumers on track. And finally, for just a bit more inspiration, Amanda shares these Tips on How to Stop Biting your Nails on the Bitter Gold website:

  • Apply a bitter tasting nail serum.
  • Use a nail strengthener
  • Get manicures regularly.
  • Replace nail-biting with good habits
  • Play with the Stress-Free Bracelet!
  • Whenever you have any hanging nail or

skin, try to cut it off right away with a nail clipper. This will help you feel less tempted into biting the skin or nail any further.

  • If your nails chip, file them down to make the nail smooth to resist biting rigid edges.
  • Identify your triggers – Stress? Anxiety? Boredom?
  • Stay motivated – taking photos of your nails!
  • Do not give up! Studies show it normally takes 30 days to create or break a habit!

30 days. Is that a challenge?

Editor’s note: 

Amanda Bernard is a powerful voice for change.  She is fearless and determined to make her product successful and to help others to realize greater confidence and happiness. We applaud Amanda!  WomanScape did not receive any type of financial benefit for featuring Amanda or her product. What we collected instead was another amazing story about a very inspirational woman who is changing the world, one pair of hands at a time.

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