What an amazing past few weeks we’ve had at WomanScape!

Rose and the All-Women’s Team are headed home from the arctic expedition to Baffin Island and their 100km snowshoe trek through the Akshayuk Pass.  You can follow their path and read Rose’s Letters From the Arctic by visiting our website and viewing the Arctic Expedition Tracking page.

Our team is excited to have Rose back this week and we will begin to share the incredible experience she and the rest of the Arctic Amazons endured on this 2 week journey.

The Week Ahead

This week’s theme is about the Wealth of Wisdom in Self-Actualization.  In the beginning of the week we will discuss Russian Poet Anna Akhmatova whose story encompasses a tragic love story to an open resistance against political tyranny, the soft, simple words of Anna Akhmatova’s poems reminded Russia of its humanity.

Mid week we look at Amanda Bernard, a woman who helps empower other women to stop biting their nails and believe in themselves.

As always, we will share amazing products we believe our readers will enjoy, you can always visit the WS Boutique and start shopping for products that are curated to inspire you to change not just your world, but the world at large.

The WS Team is excited to have Rose back and to hear more about her incredible journey with the True Patriot Love Foundation and as she gets acclimated back to normal weather, we will begin to share more details about this expedition.

Great is the number of those who might attain true wisdom if they did not already think themselves wise.
– Eliza Cook

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