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Friday, April 12: We Did It!

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The 100 km snowshoe trek is done!!! We did it!  Today is a snowmobile transport into Pangnirtung followed by hotel free time – aka a shower!  There is a town celebration planned mid-afternoon with cultural activities. The evening will be a group dinner and lots of laughter and storytelling.

Our accommodations are the Auyuittuq Lodge.  There is traditional life mixed with modern culture.  The population is 1500 people with a weaving shop, art store, and a growing center for new business.

Pangnirtung has been called the Arctic Switzerland because of its glacial lakes and summer wildflowers.  Canada’s National Post newspaper said it is Known for its face-smacking beauty, the high-walled, cerulean-skied fjord.  The Baffin Island alps draw tourists and adventure seekers. But life is slow up here so residents and visitors accept things get done when they do and people get to where they’re going eventually.



Culture is very community-based.  Food security is tough – very expensive price for food.

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