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Tuesday, April 9: Summit Lake to Thor Peak

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It’s all downhill from here – as far as distance is concerned. With a little over 20 km to go by day’s end, our team should be feeling good and dreaming about the finish line. I know I will be. The question is: will I not want this journey to end or will the cold and exhaustion beckon me back to the spoils and comforts of a warm bed and real food?

Today is Summit Lake to Thor Peak shelter. Mount Thor is listed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) as one of Canada’s Seven Wonders. The mountain is the earth’s greatest vertical drop at 1,500 meters (that’s more than 4500 feet) with an average angle of 105 degrees. In 1985, a team managed to scale it in 33 days after more than 30 attempts by other teams.

It has peaks named after the gods, Thor and Asgard. These are important Nunavut landmarks and the only remaining formations from the Ice Age. The Gods Thor and Asgard stand over them like giant sentinels.


DISTANCE TRAVELED TO DATE: By the end of Day 9 on April 9th, we will have done 78.6 km

The peak’s west face is the longest vertical drop on Earth: 4,101 feet (the better part of a mile) straight down
More than 30 attempts to scale Thor met with failure before a four-man American team finally completed the climb in May 1985
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