Last week, WomanScape put history on trial when we examined the wealthy and powerful Cleopatra of Egypt.  The qualities that brought Cleopatra success are fundamentally the same for women today, who have crashed through the millionaire and billionaire ceilings.

What all of these women share in common is intellect, resourcefulness, opportunity and an ability to keep pushing through limitless boundaries, like poverty or hardships that often stop other men and women from succeeding.

Week Ahead

Show me the money- women who are determined and see challenge as an opportunity. We start with the first lady of finance, Victoria Woodhull. Victoria was the first woman to open a brokerage firm, run for President in America and to start a newspaper for promoting equality.

Tuesday’s WS Art Card celebrates Madame C. J. Walker, the first self-made American millionaire. Her hair care products made her famous and set the bar for Martha Stewart, the first American self-made billionaire.

Martha has been vilified in the press despite her incredible success so we revisit the reasons why this might be the case.

Thursday’s Dame Stephanie Shirley is a woman who should be known around the world but isn’t.  Her tech innovations produced a $3 billion business in Britain at a time when women weren’t coding and house wives weren’t hired to work from home. Dame Shirley could be my new favorite shero!

And, Denise Benson brings us into the weekend with a fun Friday piece on her “Billionaire’s Wives Club”. Here, Denise shares some of their transformative work.

April 7-14th Update

Yesterday we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dr. Ken Hedges’ successfully completed a Trans-Atlantic crossing of the North Pole Via dogsled in 1969.

This week, we continue to bring updates of Rose’s expedition with the 2019 Baffin Team.

Don’t forget to visit the Arctic Expedition tab on to see updates, photos, tracking, and letters of arise and the Baffin Team as they raise financial support for True Patriot Love.

Thanks for continuing to support our passion for storytelling and we look forward to another great week of conversation around women making history.


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