It’s time to put history on trial. Typically this means separating fact from fiction – righting the wrongs from what is incorrect, incomplete or simply ignored.

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The mission of WomanScape believes the histories of women are grossly under-represented.  At the highest level, this means shining a light on the legacy of women who have changed the course of history.  These are women who have invented, created, discovered and lead.

But on a much broader and simplified level, WomanScape wants history to account for the lack of broad-based recorded accounts and shared knowledge about women’s contributions and culture.

When we know more about our female gender which makes up roughly 50% of our world population (although the current data from World Atlas has males slightly higher in number than women), we’ll gain not only a better understanding of their capabilities and contributions, but we’ll also be more likely to see women as equal to men.

The fun video below provides a great opportunity to wrap-up our week-long discussion of Cleopatra and to challenge the notion that history has been fair to her.   The creators of this series, History On Trial raise provocative questions about many of the assumptions we’ve carried for decades or even centuries, by attempting to separate fact from rumor.

At its core, this History versus Cleopatra asks us to reconsider whether or not:

  • Cleopatra was a homewrecker?
  • Cleopatra was an economic stabilizer?
  • Cleopatra saved Egypt from Roman rule, curbing corruption with her military armies and proficiency in nine languages? And,
  • Cleopatra influenced the building of new libraries and infrastructure in Rome via her influence over Caesar?

I think I’m hooked on this re-framing of history and the revisionist approach so vital to our work here on WomanScape. What rings loud and true, in the context of Cleopatra’s life, is that Romans feared a woman in power.  The very fact that Cleopatra’s story has survived those of her enemies in Rome, and later writers bent on discrediting her, proves there is much more to Cleopatra than we know.

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