What does wealth look like for women?  It should look the same as it does for men.

So much time and work has been spent gathering stats and measuring progress, and while necessary, it’s not what you’ll find on WomanScape for our April series on Women and Wealth.

Instead, we’ll do what we always do – share artful stories about women making history and use this to engage men and women in conversations that reframe the way we see women in wealth.

We’ll consider the word ‘wealth’ and related intrinsic qualities that go beyond financial security.  Without being too cliché, wealth can mean health and freedoms that flow from security like the opportunity to travel, to explore new career avenues, etc.

Week Ahead

Remember Cleopatra of Egypt?  As the richest woman in the world in ancient history, her wealth still commands our attention with a present-day value of about $95 billion.

But her life and successes also provides an even more insightful look into many larger and perhaps more pertinent concepts related to wealth.  How is wealth related to power, money, stability, and freedom?

That’s why we’ve devoted the entire week to Cleopatra, a woman whose story promotes conversation around these important concepts, not to mention our biases when it comes to gender.

April 1-14th

And speaking of gender, WomanScape is finally off to the Arctic with an all-women team of explorers!

Rose heads to Ottawa tomorrow and then on to Nunavut with 16 military veterans and civilian business leaders.  Bookmark the Arctic Expedition page to follow her journey in Nunavut, Canada or to receive email updates with LIVE tracking, photos, and short notes, click here.

Please share our adventure on social media and consider making a donation to True Patriot Love or another veteran’s organization.

Thanks for continuing to support WomanScape.  You inspire our passion for storytelling and the belief that a revolution of spirit  and progress begins with awareness and individual change.

In the words of Dr. Ken Hedges, a military doctor who spent 470 days in the Arctic and successfully made the first Trans-Atlantic polar crossing by dogsled over the North Pole in 1969:

The needs of my neighbor best describe the coordinates of my neighborhood. I am my brother’s keeper.”


The WomanScape Team

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