“The human soul loves new adventures. It is a thrill-seeker disinterested in living a safe routine. Charting its own course of action, the soul is interested in what lies ahead, what lessons are yet to be learned. It requires time and dedication to become aware of the soul’s wants and needs.”

– Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown

Pioneers and seekers of a spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, have either honed in on ancient practices or devised contemporary belief systems to fulfill their needs. It’s clear that in the human spiritual domain, countless individuals are exploring “beyond the pews” of traditional religious customs.

Looking past the lockdown of religious tradition, it can be compared to the awakening of a new season of life. After long periods of stagnation, believers are on a quest for a sense of renewal.

Spring Awakens

Spring represents only one of the four seasons by which mankind exists. Awakening after the stationary conditions of surviving winter, spring breaks up the mundane and unlocks the natural time to shake things up.

During winter we are in survival mode, pulling our energy inward, surrounding ourselves with layers of protection against the elements, and hibernating during long nights. Winter presents extra downtime, less movement, and being more insular and isolated from general activity.

With the advent of spring, we experience more sunshine and light allowing us to peer into dark crevices, both physically and internally. It’s the season to re-organize and renew. We accelerate our pace while enjoying a new boost of energy. Theoretically, we shed our tired energetic layers, but sometimes people get lazy, don’t want to do the intense work, and stay in the winter cocoon.

Current Trends; New Frontiers

Netflix’s Tidying Up star, Marie Kondo, has introduced us to the world of hyper organization for our living spaces. Her concept revolves around editing our belongings in categories, not spaces, and making decisions on what to keep and what to discard.

The KonMari Method™ is a state of mind – and a way of life – that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in one’s life. Belongings are acknowledged for their service – and thanked before being let go, should they no longer spark joy.

In addition, if adopting the KonMari Method, we must apply it to not only our belongings, but our innermost intention to find the spark of joy. The greatest value of her method is compelling us to make a conscious and unconscious connection to things through the feeling of joy. Going through the process is understanding what joy feels like, and by stabilizing this internal feeling, we can tap into it at any time. The energy of a clean spring awakening supports the kind of emotional adjustment that will be anchored and become the underlying state of joy. The challenge is to hold on to the joy and bring others into the circle.

Another trend on the spiritual frontier is the tiny house movement.  Thousands are opting to scale back and downsize into smaller spaces allowing a more fluid lifestyle, both physically and financially. Editing our “stuff” to the bare essentials modifies our fundamental identity and re-programs the way we think about each possession.

The tiny house movement could be considered the next evolution of purging and organizing our spaces and keeping only things which add value to our lives. On a spiritual plane, perhaps the Universe is telling us to get down to only that which is important and necessary, shedding material goods, and spending more time in reflective joy.

This spring revival season is a vivid and intense reminder to transcend our winter perceptions and embody a sense of renewed simplicity by changing expectations which allow us new, less materialistic, possibilities.

“The new spiritual frontier is using nature as a vast living backdrop, a perfect juxtaposition between minimalism, earth, and deeper spiritual life experiences. “ 

– Jillian Maas Backman

Reclaiming spiritual innocence, similar to the rebirth of life in spring, requires being in touch with personal intuitive intelligence. Revival and awakening is an element of the divine rhythm of connecting to the new spiritual frontier, without ego, without unnecessary baggage, and learning to embrace life as an interactive participant.

By thoughtfully stripping away, or neatly organizing inner energy patterns, awareness of the subtle nuances of a spiritual intuitive communication begins to germinate and by establishing a period of grounding, and tapping into the “spark of joy,” we learn to live more authentically in the world without preconceived labels and judgments.

Editors Note: Jillian Maas Backman is a highly credentialed professional who has used her skills to help individuals, educational institutions, and businesses to reach their goals by using intuitive training through individual sessions and leadership development programs.

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