It’s an underwater scene you won’t forget.  Look closely at yesterday’s feature story: Arica Hilton: A Love Affair, A Life Affair with Water.

You’ll spot a woman whipping feverous strokes of color across a plexiglass surface – she’s painting while submerged in the beautiful waters of Raja Ampat!

This is Arica Hilton.  Forever creative, she captures our attention and imagination with her artful work.

There isn’t much Arica hasn’t done to grab our attention.  From deep sea diving with sharks to trolling the beaches for ways to eradicate plastic pollution., Arica’s Monet-like vision is a refreshing stroke of genius.  All this to capitalize on her passionate quest to save our oceans from plastic pollution, unsustainable fishing, and other heartbreaking and destructive practices.

Born from the very body of what drives her, Arica has always identified with the waters of her Mediterranean birthplace.  She is and flows like the water she paints, diving into our hearts and minds and moving us to acknowledge the aching state of our disregard for our precious waters.

Arica’s advocacy is certainly in keeping with the waves of conservation and environmental awareness sweeping our planet.  In the first-ever global march to lobby for actionable changes to climate change and a host of issues affecting our waters, more than 1.4 million students from around the world staged school walk-outs.  Led by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg targeted governments and the United Nations in a bid to get actionable goals.

Women like Arica Hilton are rallying people, young and old, to be a part of the solution.  We hope you enjoy this raw footage of Arica’s deep dive painting message.  Share it with others to keep the conversation going and feed the forces of change.  Visit WomanScape tomorrow to read more about Arica’s amazing explorations in art and our fascinating world.

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