Millions of people must know something I don’t.  They’ve tuned in to Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, YouTube videos or books about sparking joy through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Truthfully, the whole thing makes me nervous.  I feel crunched for time already and wonder about committing to an organizational system that may increase my stress, especially if I find I can’t stick to the new system.  But I have to admit I’m also intrigued by the week-long series of articles by photojournalist Denise Benson.  The idea of achieving greater mental clarity and less stress by ditching some of my clutter is attractive.

I know that for Kondo and other clutter-clearing experts, tidying up is not just about creating a neater more functional space.  It’s about eliminating wasted time spent on things that don’t really make us happy.

So to inspire you to give it a whirl, we’ve selected a few popular videos illustrating how to fold clothes the KonMari way and how to separate objects that don’t communicate love.

Whether you buy into Kondo’s philosophy or find other guru tips and ideas that make more sense for you, the real appeal is knowing that even small changes can make a big difference.

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Below, we’ve provided a link to four different videos that illustrate the Kondo and one by expert organizer, Peter Walsh.  They’re a good place to start and we hope you check back tomorrow to see writer Denise Benson’s personal reflections after tackling her move across America.

If you only have 3 minutes:  try folding t-shirts the Kondi way to see all of them at a glance:

Or try these 10 tips in this 10-minute video summarizing the KonMari method:

This 6-minute video helps you start with your office space by determining what you need and how to pay respect to items no longer needed:

This last 3-minute video comes from Trash Can expert, Peter Walsh.  Better organization can help us stick with a fitness routine:

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