The Civil War was the bloodiest battle in American history but did you know more than 400 women joined the fight?

Armies were desperate for fresh bodies and trigger fingers so it was relatively easy for women to enlist.  In fact,  their service became an open secret as women happily ditched their hooped skirts and fainting couches.

This week, WomanScape brings you the fighting stories of women like Cathay Williams, the first African American woman to enlist in the Civil War, and Doris “Lucki” Allen, a remarkable U.S. soldier who served in Korea and Vietnam.  Doris is the only woman inducted into the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

You’ll note, we’re shaking things up with a video editorial below.  After all, it is Oscar Night.

Look for more videos through the week on Facebook and soul-filling stories every day.  Today, Rose shares why we don’t have an Oscar host and what it has to do with that fighting spirit of our Civil War women.  See if you agree.

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These women overcame labels – “the blindfolds of our lives.”

(Doris “Lucki” Allen)

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