There’s a revolution in our world focused around our ability to make natural, healing choices.

No doubt you’ve read about its medicinal properties.  From the brain to the heart, chocolate in moderation can boost your health.  In fact, even the very smell of chocolate can calm your nerves.  Chocolate contains certain mood-boosting chemicals that produce the same positive feelings associated with falling in love.  They stem from our theta brain waves, which occur most often in our sleep.  Their effect is to reduce anxiety and act as a “gateway to learning, memory, and intuition”.

Chocolate, therefore, helps us to feel happier and sharper.

But the science of chocolate’s physical perks go beyond this by acting as a rescue compound for the treatment and prevention of disease.  Dark chocolate that has a high cocoa content is especially beneficial.  It’s loaded with fiber and organic minerals that function as antioxidants.

Words like polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins are important here, and their function helps lower cholesterol and increase blood flow.  What’s more, these powerful antioxidants help raise HDL (good cholesterol) and protect against LDH (bad cholesterol); helping to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

But chocolate serves a much broader purpose beyond this spouted science of improved mental and physical health. Chocolate is actually good for the soul. All week long, WomanScape has showcased its artful form, from the salons of Mariebelle’s chocolates to the kitchens of See’s Candies.

Warren Buffet knew a thing or two about investing when he bought Sees Candies.  Not only was it a great company built on a solid product, but chocolate is also an artful endeavor and an artful experience.   You could say the pleasure created from making chocolate and consuming it elevates our happiness.

Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures this on a large scale – gross national happiness or GNH, but there are plenty of other countries that use similar indices to measure the happiness of its citizens.  These indicators of overall wellbeing range from mental health indicators of happiness to economic standards of living and access to opportunities.  It’s also worth noting that the United Nations publishes an annual World Happiness Report, using metrics similar to Bhutan’s approach.

Chocolate is good for the soul in other ways beyond the physical properties and experience that makes us feel good.  There is a philosophical component to chocolate that transcends words.  Trust me, I haven’t been smoking chocolate to come to this conclusion!  When you consider our human plight and the spiritual awakening so many of us are searching for – this healing revolution – chocolate can lead to epiphanies.

Photo credit: Kimberly Postma and My Chocolate Soul

Just ask Ramona Thomas.  She is the owner of My Chocolate Soul, a bakery and chocolate store in Chicago.

In an interview before Ramona’s store opened last year, she said, “I was ready to do something different with this chapter of my life. … I didn’t know what the journey would look like, but I knew this would be what I’m supposed to do at this point in my life.”

Funny how these moments of realization happen when our mind stops thinking through everything enough to let our heart move beyond intellectual logic. Chocolate does just this: it takes us beyond the intellectual and touches our heart in ways that escape language and explanation.  Remember that situation where words and logic failed to explain what made the most sense?

Chocolate is truly an enlightened expression of joy and a soulful celebration of life.  So hug your chocolate labrador dog and marvel at the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines (a mountain range whose grasses turn brown with the changing season).  Visit Ramona Thomas’ online store and enjoy chocolate with your family and friends – give love.

The Chocolate Hills (Philippines)

Better yet, try this chocolate face mask and who knows, it might do more than decrease the production of stress hormones that help preserve the collagen in your skin.  Your tighter, more toned face may bring you one step closer to your best authentic self.

Happy chocolate facial and check back tomorrow for a truly enlightening story about a real chocolate doctor!

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