Spanish Conquistadors brought chocolate to the French Royal Courts more than 4 centuries ago but modern historians believe chocolate has been around for over 2,000 years!

The world’s love affair with chocolate started with the Mayans and Aztecs who believed cacao beans had magical powers.  Later in history, the beans were incorporated into hot chocolate drinks and sought after as medicinal and energizing aphrodisiacs.

Today, we know cacao beans aren’t magical but they do have help benefits. And, they are sweet epicurean delights enjoyed at family birthdays and weddings, as well as national and religious holidays.

Week Ahead for February 3-9th

This week you’re in for a sweet treat on WomanScape as we share bits of fun trivia around chocolate and women making chocolate history. February is dedicated to four weeks of various kinds of love and paying special attention to Black history month, even though Black history should be shared all year long.

We kick off Monday and Tuesday with tasty days thanks to photojournalist Denise Benson.  She shares some fun facts about chocolate traditions and histories.  Who knew Marie Antoinette had a Royal Chocolate Maker that traveled with her?

Wednesday and Thursday, we meet Maribel Lieberman whose rags to riches story from her native Honduras will melt your heart.  She is the life and soul behind Mariebelle Chocolates, a chocolatier shop in New York with stores around the world in luxury cities like Dubai and Tokyo.   You won’t want to miss her beautiful art meets pleasure story.

And the sweet confectionary journey continues into Friday and Saturday, with a chocolate retreat into the world of Ramona Thomas and an interesting side story on the health benefits of chocolate.  It’s a great week to make chocolate your soulmate!

FB Live – Snowshoeing the Arctic with Rose

As many of you know, WomanScape is part of an all-women snowshoe expedition to the Arctic Circle to raise funds for True Patriot Love, a non-profit providing mental and physical wellness programs for military veterans.  Visit WomanScape Cares to learn more but we hope you’ll consider donating a small amount for this worthy cause.

You can click DONATE here to see how we’re doing and a huge thank you to all of our donors to date.  With just 8 weeks to go before the trek (from April 1st-14th), we’ve raised $28,125 of the $50,000 goal.

The team will travel to the Akshayuk Pass, flying from Ottawa to Qikiqtarjuaq and then on to Pangnirtung.

Our WOMANSCAPE’S FB Live is cancelled today given a scheduling conflict but Rose will be LIVE next Sunday while training next Sunday in northern Ontario.

Have a great week and we’d love to hear from you so drop us a line or send questions to

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