“I am a warrior in the time of women warriors; the longing for justice is the sword I carry.”

(Sonia Johnson, Writer 1936-)

Sonia’s longing for justice unites women around the world who express their fight in any number of ways.  For Hung Liu, a child of war and Chinese labor camps, art became her weapon of choice.   Hung’s featured painting above from her Women Warriors series, speaks to the power and perseverance of women in history, “from imperial concubines to warriors of the Red Army and survivors of the Cultural Revolution–like herself.”

After escaping to Beijing at the age of eleven with her mother in 1959, Hung’s freedom was won only after surviving mass famine under Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward”.  Thanks to a smuggled camera, creative mind, and unwavering perseverance, Hung captured the memories of women forever.  Thousands of art lovers and personal collectors have enjoyed her work, which hangs in some of the greatest galleries of her new home, America.  Hung’s series on Women Warriors is an ode to the beauty, wisdom, and immortality of the women she has met and purposeful circles of dripping paint on many of them have become a symbol of infinite life and a connection between past and present.

Hung’s artwork builds bridges between ages as well as histories of women like the Trung Sisters.  Her work is timeless and resonates with modern day women committed to building peace and justice.

Learn more about Hung’s work by visiting her website or click here to purchase Questions From The Sky: New Works by Hung Liu.  If you’re inspired by Trung Sisters, we’ve also curated a few products that may be of interest including:

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