If our leading ladies of peace this week reveal any truth, it is that change is possible and everyone can create good in the world.

Gender expert Aurora Martin would heartily agree with the century-old wisdom of Nobel Peace Laureate Bertha von Suttner who said, “Seek good from within yourselves, or you will never find it.”

peace, good, change, notorious, equality

Bertha followed her heart and used her creative voice to pen Lay Down Your Arms – a book that would open Europe’s eyes and hearts to the horrors of war.  Her book was an unexpected bestselling hit that among everyday people, not to mention the influence it had with Alfred Nobel who created the Nobel Peace Prize.

Like Bertha, our modern-day history maker Aurora Martin followed her heart going beyond the classroom as a professor and rallying the lawmakers of the Romanian government.  She has become a sought-after gender expert at home and abroad, helping to change laws that discriminate against women.  What’s more, friendships and meetings with other world leaders have widened the scope of Aurora’s influence making her a global change-agent in countries she would never have anticipated, like the Gambia.

peace, good, change, notorious, equality

Tomorrow, WomanScape brings Aurora’s work back to America as we examine the peace-builder, Ruth Baden Ginsberg (RBG).  Our post is slightly unorthodox, differing from the usual #FunFriday movie review or more relaxed entertainment pieces.

The life of “notorious” Supreme Court Justice RBG has changed dramatically since 2017 and she’s become a pop-culture icon.

Her fight for gender equality in America’s judicial system is her way of creating a more peaceful and just world but WomanScape thought it would be interesting to examine her “notorious” success in a comparative light to the original notorious namesake, Biggie Smalls.

Many readers will know the Notorious BIG (Biggie Smalls) as the rapper sensation in the early 90s and his tragic shooting death.  Biggie sang about the racial injustices and hardships he experienced as a young Black man in America, and there are some surprising ways he is not so different from RBG and social justice advocates.

The article also seemed timely given a number of other factors like the advent of the American Grammy Awards this weekend and the hype around Oscar contender movies like Ruth’s story (On the Basis of Sex) and persistent racial divides (If Beale Street Could Talk).

As always, January is a popular time to set new goals like finding personal peace and resolving old conflicts so our story might just prompt readers to reflect on their own peace-building values and state of being, especially where conflict or unrest exists.

Below are a few suggested products to consider and of course, there are always loads of books on the subject of peace, including The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict.

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