When you ask where your country is going – what future does it hold – you can breathe easier knowing there are more than fifty military spouses stitching together a mission and a purpose that will make you proud.

As you know, WomanScape thrives on these stories and products like those made by R. Riveter, a successful handbag company started by two United States military spouses.  R. Riveter handbags are one of two products we’re highlighting this week in our WS Boutique.

Our first feature is R. Riveter and their business model is simple – stitch together leather products and unique items that offer military spouses the opportunity to work with a purpose and job stability.

The company “does not hire people to make bags – they make bags to hire people.” This distinction is as compelling as the Rosie the Riveter image and namesake; women supporting the troops by working the assembly lines during WWII.

At R. Riveter, every employee is a Rosie Riveter and each is identified by their first names followed by a RR number. Whether you’re Stacy RR#040 or Kristie RR#108, you know you won’t lose your job if your spouse has to relocate. You work from home in any part of the United States as a remote riveter.

Rosies represent the collective good of the company founders, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Kruse. The video below provides an excellent summary of their passion and goals.

Together, they offer military spouses a chance to earn an income and job stability. Quality goodness is infused in each and every handbag made by R. Riveter and each of the individual pieces sewn by employees are collected and assembled into a variety of beautiful products.

The Hobby Handbag is one of R. Riveter’s most popular bags, inspired by Mrs. Oveta Hobby who was a strong and courageous advocate for women in Texas.

The second bag featured is the Otto Canvas Leather Handbag.  It’s lightweight and perfect for carrying a laptop computer.  Named after the original Rosie the Riveter, Mrs. Elinor Otto, the bag honors the 6 million women who worked the assembly line.  Elinor spent her post-WWII career working on C-17 planes at Boeing.

The second product line that should be lighting up your holidays and the holidays of those you love is our series of books by Lorna Byrne.  There’s a full listing of all seven books in WomanScape’s recent article, Angels in My Hair.

As a bestselling author and ecumenical celebrant of love and life, Lorna shows us the powerful role that angels play in our world. So next time you hear someone ask you where our country is going or what we can do to shape it in positive ways, share what we’re doing at WS and the beautiful products made by R. Riveter.

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