This Thanksgiving let’s find the human in the extraordinary and celebrate all things small.

This is the big takeaway when learning about artists like Camille Claudel and Dara Friedman. They are visionary women offering beautiful ways to reimagine our human experience. They help us to see that anything is possible by transforming people, places, and objects from everyday life into beautiful works of art.

And the wonderful thing is – you can too. To believe we are destined for greatness can be inspirational when we don’t make it an overwhelming pursuit. This artwork sitting outside a storefront is extraordinary for it’s subject, it’s artistry, and it’s spirit.

Who doesn’t want to feel their life matters? Unfortunately, we forget what makes this possible because we have super-glorified everything by adding the Kardashian adjective to our lexicon.

Perfect, big, consume more,.. save to social media and count the hits, shares, and likes. We’re made for more. Artists are our social conscience and help to remind us of this truth.

Extraordinary is a state of mind and ever-evolving. More than an actual destination or place of exultation or achievement, extraordinary is what it means to be human.

So we’re already here – it’s what we are meant to be – it is who each of us truly is and it has nothing to do with lavish celebrations or social media.

So let’s remember the holidays, the grateful feelings and the traditions. But more importantly, let’s see the people, the places and the spirit.

Whether it is the beautiful works of art that Camille Claudel created in the joyful and painful periods of her life or the unusual video art that Dara Friedman shares in her museum installations, let’s make this Thanksgiving extraordinarily human.

Let’s see past the traffic you might be sitting in, the insane airport mayhem, or eating and drinking too much. Let’s see the beautiful every day and our shared humanity where our common plight is extraordinary because it is.

With that, I can’t help but share three extraordinary moments…

My “Louise” from my “Thelma and Louise” escape to Santa Fe last week left this note for the people who serviced our room – the rest of the money in her wallet.

This quote by Georgia O’Keeffe.

Carson National Park in the historical lands of Abiquiu where the tribes of many Indigenous Americans.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Rose McInerney

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