You know a woman means business when she wears red!

At least that’s what I remember about my beautiful Nanny Rose who wore red lipstick every day until her last. She lived well into her nineties and owned red. No wonder it’s the power color of fashion brands wanting to showcase confidence.

We know women don’t need red makeup to live confidently. But it sure is an interesting conversation to have on Fun Friday. With weeklong articles about Elizabeth Arden and fantastic faces created by Ve Neill, red is a great prompt for unlocking our powerful, beautiful self.

Traditionally, red is the color of fire and blood, love and danger. It’s life-giving and life-threatening. Red is one of three primary colors next to yellow and blue. Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa was a beacon of light in a sea of black doors lining Fifth Avenue in 1910.

Today, Red remains the foundation of Elizabeth Arden and other companies and campaigns that support women. While marketing and product sales are always major considerations, the Red Door charted a new course for women in history too, by changing a male-dominated industry and redefining what it meant to be beautiful from the inside out.

For Arden, the science of beauty courses through our veins as clearly as our birthright to beauty.

I love this idea and reluctantly admit trying the company’s Eight Hour Cream to see if the formula (around since the company’s inception) even worked. What’s crazy is it did improve my actual skin health!

Ve Neill and makeup artists alike are different. They help transform people into someone else, especially Ve who gives life to new careers, not to mention a multitude of creatures and characters. Ve continues to design new experiences and journeys that help to take us away to imaginative stories and otherworldly places.

So welcome the red lips of fun in the first of two videos today.  Tedele Smith created a satirical makeup video whose viral reception echoes Elizabeth Arden’s powerful red. Tedele puts on her makeup using comical, exaggerated metaphors about the power she wields from every product added.

It’s a fun tongue-in-cheek play on makeup application, symbolic of a warrior getting ready to do battle.

From the rosy cheeks and bright crimson lipstick to the translucent powder used to shatter the glass ceiling, Tedele makes a fun case for uniting the sisterhood of women under the ancient Amazonian ruling world order.

The second video is funny and a far more poignant one about a makeup artist’s experience. Eva DeVirgilis’ TedTalk examines the insecurities women bring to the makeup chair. Like Ve Neill, Eva’s work is transformative, but in a deeper way for women who often come to the chair sharing their insecurities. Rare is the woman who owns the chair and makes no excuses or lamentations.

Eva pierces the heart of WomanScape’s weeklong discussion – what does makeup do for us? What do we bring to the chair of life and where do we find the strength to battle our failings and human flaws? Do we spend so much time covering up what we don’t like that we forget to cherish and live a truly celebrated life?

Make your beauty appointment today with Eva DeVirgilis and bask in the light of who you are and all that you do have. And if that dewy cream base and that red lipstick give you a little more juice in your step, so be it! Happy Friday!

Tedele Smith – Building a New World Order

Eva DeVirgilis – From My Makeup Chair

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