It’s #FUN FRIDAY – time for some yummy stories to round-off our WomanScape week!

Two remarkable women making history this week are definitely the sweet highlight, although you’re going to love the last Girl Scout fan of all fans at the end of this article.

Juliette Gordon Low created the Girl Scouts and Sylvia Acevedo actualized Juliette’s dreams by becoming a scientist and current CEO of the Girl Scouts. Both sensational women have given girls the delicious satisfaction of realizing their dreams.

Can you imagine how proud Juliette would be knowing her dream of girls learning math and science had lead to a cookie empire of epic proportions! The Scout cookie industry tops a whopping $850 million annually in cookie sales.

The chart below shows how Girl Scout cookies have fueled a century of activities, not to mention a legacy of big money.

Here are a few fun historical highlights to chew on…

  • Girl Scout cookies began as a home-baked fundraiser in 1917 for the Mistletoe Girl Scout Troop of Muskogee, Oklahoma. They baked and sold their own cookies, and more troops copied the idea with great success.
  • In 1935, troops across the US sold the first commercial Girl Scout cookies we know and love. Today, you can buy them anywhere, whether door-to-door, online or outside your neighborhood supermarket.
  • In 2014, one enterprising Girl Scout, Danielle Lei and her mother, sold 117 boxes of cookies outside a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco in two hours!  That’s a lot of munchies for a good cause!

Other “well-baked” ideas that made big money?

  • Girl Scouts played an important role in World War I selling Liberty Bonds for the war effort in America. They went door-to-door and led four government-led Liberty bond drives. When the Girl Scouts participated in the second drive, they sold almost $500,000 in bonds.

The following year’s drive, the Scouts sold $3,151,000 worth of bonds and nearly doubled that amount in the next drive, netting $6,023,550.

But why do we really buy these beloved cookies?

An internet search turned up some interesting answers. One person said, “I’m a huge fan of PB — I’ll eat it straight out of the jar — so the Girl Scout ones bring me pleasure. Also I cannot find a decent peanut butter cookie in the store. Most brands I find at the market taste like garbage.”

Another fan said, “They’re simply delicious. They have some amount of fat and sugar and salt, which our bodies crave so I owe it to myself to satisfy those desires.”

While these are all great things to know and reasons to keep buying these scrumptious cookies, you need to hear what Jen Kober has to say about her obsession with Girl Scout cookies.

Jen Kober’s 2016 Snap Judgment comedy performance details her hilarious obsession with Girl Scout cookies. After you watch this YouTube link, check out Jen’s website at  Be warned, there are a few F-bombs in the skit but Jen’s creative storytelling around her cookie-mania had me in stitches.

Enjoy and if all this cookie-talk is making you hungry, follow our WomanScape link and buy a few boxes of these insatiable cookie flavors. You’ll be glad you did, knowing the indomitable spirit of Juliette Gordon Low lives inside those boxes.

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