Jillian conjures an image of the sea on a gentle, early September day.

Vast and profound, voice rich and soothing, unshakably calm beneath its waves. She is calm but also sharply observant, thanks to a background in psychology and an impressive career that has made her an authority on intuitive intelligence.

From minister’s daughter to spa and wellness center owner, to intuitive leadership consultant, Jillian’s focus has always been helping people find wellbeing.

It seemed every one she encountered was seeking two things: healing and knowledge. The first, from the rough wear and tear of living. The second, of one’s self.

How do I live my life well?

The answer, she believes, is already in us. She calls it personal intuition. Tapping into it: intuitive intelligence.

“Our individual channels of intuitive energy are equipped with an inner compass as the way to navigate this world in which we live.”

To hear them requires silence and a little bit of attention. Meditation: a practice of inward reflection and the use of our senses. Jillian has spent a lifetime studying and harnessing this skill. She now helps others use intuitive guidance to make their own life and work decisions. Specifically, her therapeutic approach allows women to translate their intuitive impressions, through exercises and assignments, into practical, workable applications.

Jillian uses the example of ancient Polynesian mariners,

“who traveled thousands of miles through uncharted bodies of water without any navigational tools or maps. Their survival depended solely on their skills of sensing the ocean swells along with rhythms of the water, charting paths of stars, sky, sun, and shapes of clouds along their ocean journeys.

Like the Polynesian mariners, we also hold the gift of intuitive sensing both before and after birth.”

We have simply lost touch with these senses, distracted by the noise of our busy lives. Intuitive intelligence teaches us to stop, be still, and listen for that “silence between the waves,” as Jillian calls it, within us.

Jillian has helped many seeking that reconnection between the self and soul, with her book BEYOND THE PEWS: Breaking Away From Tradition and Letting Go, her podcast and video series entitled Change Already, one-on-one consultations, motivational talks, and even an online series of courses. She is inspiringly honest about her own journey to that internal peace. She talks about the bumps on her path and her inner and outer storms,

“After all, we’re only human.”

But through it all, she emphasizes the importance of being present. Constantly seeking that stillness in which there can be clarity and direction.

“Intuition is always just below the surface for all of us, […] not a separate sense, rather, it is a basic property that resides within you and manifests through the other senses.”

In the spirit of taking time for one’s self, Jillian offers this meditative passage below. Find a quiet place to listen to the soothing sounds of water lapping at the shore and take the first steps towards becoming your own mariner.

For more information, contact Jillian at: https://jillianmaasbackman.com

Become Your Own Polynesian Mariner

By Jillian Maas Backman

Seek and explore uncharted waters both physically and spiritually.

Circle back to your natural beginnings with imbued intuitive soulful sensing.

Never to forget the silence between the waves.

Where thoughts we know connect with the thoughts of the unknown.

The original source of all since the creation of time.

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