“In early modern times, women might have found themselves accused of practising witchcraft even though healing was the chief objective of these wise women.”

For centuries women have been and always will be healers. But during the witch-hunts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries women were kept from exercising this role in many places around the world.

Of course, it’s easy to understand why. Men stopped women from doing what they had always done, curing ailment with herbs, prayers and special ointments, so they could control medical knowledge and access to spiritual, physical and mental health. In this way, men dominated women and the related gravy train of power and financial incentives.

This is exactly why Lydia Pinkham’s story as an herbalist and marketing wiz so amazing. The Vegetable Compound and herbal remedies she invented in 1873 threatened the medical establishment. Thankfully, Pinkham was undeterred and used this disadvantage to her favor.

She knew most women did not have access to physicians and medical knowledge so Lydia appealed directly to women by using mail-order and newspaper ads. Offering advice and teaching women about how their bodies worked garnered trust and confidence.

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Today, Lydia’s history helps women to see that there are always alternative approaches for better health.

While we may not understand all of the options and new sciences around healing, modern-day women like Jillian Maas Backman pick up where Lydia left off.

Jillian practices healing remedies that might be considered less conventional, like Lydia’s, but Lydia’s story reminds us that what we don’t know is just a beginning that can lead to transformative changes in our understanding of what it takes to realize better holistic health.

To help you tap into healing therapies and rich opportunities for enjoying a better life, WomanScape has a few ideas for you to consider.

Women As Wise Healers of the World

In the spirit of Lydia Pinkham’s natural remedies, this inspiring book explains the world of herbal medicine. Inside, you’ll find techniques and approaches to making your own, as well as an extraordinary variety of healing plants that have inspired today’s “alternative” medicine healers. You’ll also find remarkable women healers from the past and present who promote the use of medicinal herbs.

The book’s author, herbalist Holly Bellebuono, educates readers about sixteen plant-based world healing traditions and thirty women who have practiced them. Bellebuono also explores the geography, history, and medical heritage of twenty countries where these traditions originated.

Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown

Jillian Maas Backman is the established authority in intuitive intelligence. With her background as a minister’s daughter, and equipped with a degree in Psychology, Jillian works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations training them to maximize intuitive leadership and decision-making abilities.

In her award-winning book, BEYOND THE PEWS: Breaking Away from Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown, Jillian anchors her intuitive philosophy by relating her life story as well as providing interactive exercises so readers can begin their expansion into personal intuition and process theology.

Jillian is the host of the Change Already! podcast and Change Already LIVE! video series with Zeus TV in Myrtle Beach, SC. She and her work have been featured in all forms of national media.

Literary Witches: A Celebration of Magical Women Writers

It’s impossible to read stories about women on WomanScape and not be inspired by this fascinating look witches and visionary writers. Perfect for both book lovers and coven members, Literary Witches is a treasure and a source of inspiration, creativity, empowerment, and general badassery.

Authors Taisia Kitaiskaia and Katy Horan bring fresh insights on your most beloved authors while also inviting you to rediscover the magic of literature. They honor the witchy qualities of well-known and obscure authors, including Virginia Woolf, Mira Bai, Toni Morrison, Emily Dickinson, Octavia E. Butler, Sandra Cisneros, and many more.

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