You’re going to need several hot cups of Indian tea and a beautiful pashmina when you hear what it took for Indian filmmaker Deepa Mehta to make the last of her Elements Trilogy: Fire, Earth and Water.

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The tea will calm your heart and the pashmina will keep you warm for all of your favorite Fall movie fests.

It’s impossible to truly understand India’s film industry and its female filmmakers without understanding the Indian culture. Deepa is one of Canada’s most internationally renowned Indo-Canadian, filmmakers largely for her trilogy of films. Each examines a particular aspect of India’s culture:

  1. Fire is about arranged marriages and homosexuality;
  2. Earth speaks to the gut-wrenching details of India’s partition in 1947; and,
  3. Water is the critically acclaimed story of suicide, misogyny, and mistreated widows.

All three of Deepa’s films stirred anger and discontent, especially the filming of Water. Over 2,000 protesters destroyed the film set, burning and throwing it into the Ganges in protest. Water was eventually shot under secrecy in Taiwan but it was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2007 Academy Awards.

Knowing we’ll be featuring two Indian film directors in tomorrow’s WomanScape article, we thought it only fair to share a link to Gurinder Chadha’s movie, Viceroy House. It is more of a Downton Abbey meets sweeping war saga, presenting a very different picture of India’s independence from Britain. The link to this film provides an added bonus too, because the film can be streamed or downloaded immediately.

And finally, before you start your movie-fest, don’t even think about starting without a hot cup of Masala tea. In the past, WomanScape has featured plenty of stories about Chinese teas but never anything about Masala tea, an Indian favorite. It’s mixture of spices and Indian herbs has made popular the world over.

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