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Fifi’s Five Fabulous Feminist Films for your Flit from a Friday Funk

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Fried Green Tomatoes:

Every Christmas holiday season since time immemorial, my siblings and I would arrive at my grandparents’ on the coast and do one of two things: If the weather was semi-decent we’d go to the beach. If there cyclonic downpours that made leaving the house an exercise in stupidity, we’d crack out the old VHS player and fire up Fried Green Tomatoes.

The film, in our case complete with taped ad-breaks from the mid nineties, is based on the book by Fannie Flagg and follows best friends Idgie and Ruth as they see each other through life’s ups and downs in 1930s Alabama, while Evelyn draws strength from their story to make changes in her own life 50 years later. It’s delightful and there’s some casual cannibalism to boot.

Why you should watch it:

Two words (actually it might be one? I’m not sure…) To Wanda.

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