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Escape With Lisa Bu: How Books Can Open Your Mind

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Happiness in Chinese means, “fast joy”, according Lisa Bu. And yet, Bu’s road to happiness was anything but fast when her childhood dream to become a famous opera singer was crushed.

Her parents wanted her to realize a good paying job after the Chinese Revolution so they hoped instead that she would become an engineer.

Thankfully this didn’t stop Bu who was determined to find another calling – her love of books. This TedTalk by Lisa Bu shows how new dream are born from circumstances, even disappointing ones. Determined to live with greater joy than the “second class happiness” (her words) that Bu saw in her future, Bu moved to the U.S. in 1995.

She escaped to books and discovered new ways to see the world.

They enriched her mind and gave her the freedom to compare ideas and perspectives about subjects. This fueled new learning, new role models to emulate in life, and new ways for Bu to be inspired.

In fact, Bu started reading books about almost everything, changing the way she approached them. Bu read them in pairs, comparing different interpretative texts and even different languages. Over time, Bu realized her dreams were never crushed. Instead, she created new dreams that became vehicles for identifying new passions and new roads to happiness. Books ensured Bu was never lonely or sad, and the endless journey to discover new insights changed Bu’s life.

WomanScape couldn’t agree more with Bu. Reading and sharing stories are change agents. Reading expands the way we see the world, our life and the lives of others. We hope this story about Lisa Bu and her path to happiness inspires you to read.

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