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Escape to the Art of Dumpling Heaven

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Why not enjoy a simple escape to dumpling heaven?

This delicious food has a storied history that dates back more than 1800 years to the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. Most historical accounts credit a man named Zhang Zhongjing with the delicious dumpling recipe that was created to help villagers stay healthy and warm during the cold winter months. The dumplings  look like frostbit ears filled with warm meats and herbs to ward off sickness.

To learn more about the history and dumpling experience of photojournalist Denise Benson’s  escape to Din Tai Fung Restaurant in California, visit: Finding Dumpling Heaven. But it you have the chance this summer, enjoy the art of dumplings and the joyful experience of eating food made with love.


Denise Benson

Author Denise Benson

Denise Benson is a photographer, creative writer and traveler. Discovering new ideas, people, places and cultures is a lifelong passion, which Denise enjoys sharing with her readers using her unique perspective as a photographic storyteller. An avid sailor, she and her husband Brian have sailed 10,000 blue water miles exploring the South Pacific. Along with sailing, she enjoys travel, food & wine, books and nature related activities, including napping on the fore-deck of her boat, Moonstone.

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