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July is a “Time to Escape” at WomanScape

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What if I told you taking a vacation would ensure a longer life and unlock the secrets to improved mental and physical well-being?

Would all of us jump on the bandwagon and take time away from the office or our regular, demanding routines? I”m not so sure.

Most of us want to enjoy life and know a fair bit about the mental and physical health of taking a vacation:

  • Lower stress;
  • Time to reconnect with family and friends;
  • Renewed clarity about life and our place in the world; and,
  • A host of various other reasons that remind us of the positive benefits .

And yet, tuning out is easier said than done. Perhaps, the very notion of a holiday raises your blood pressure – you worry about the financial implications, catching up on missed work, what the boss will think, or other reasons that make a holiday seem like a bad idea.

But ultimately, not taking time out may be just as hazardous.

We are not programed to live a robotic life and being human means we need to feel valued and connected to the larger world and each other; whether or not we take time to enjoy these fundamental needs.

So, if you need a strong push to explore creative escapes that allow you to juggle existing pressures yet you know you need to take time out, remember anything is possible. WomanScape is dedicating the entire month of July to “Time to Escape” and persuading you to build in moments every day, each week or sometime every month.

Plenty of articles like  CNN‘s “Vacations Matter to Your Health” or a study by The  that show creativity, physical and cerebral benefits happen when you re-calibrate. For now, all we’re asking is that you consider the possibilities of a good book, a floral garden or a nearby park or beach.

Start simply and you may just discover a renewed interest and a stronger impulse that helps you to truly make time for you.




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