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Molly’s “Last Straw” Should Also Be Yours!

By 19,June, 2018 No Comments

At just nine years of age, Molly Steer’s courageous voice should make you think twice about ever using a plastic straw again. She wants us to stop using straws saying, “Straws really do suck.”

They contribute to millions of pounds of toxic plastic dumped into the ocean and destroying birds, fish, and marine life. Every day, humans use more than 500 million straws that, when lined up, would wrap our planet earth four times over. Plastic never breaks down and will never go away.

It appears Molly’s words and those from a host of dedicated environmental activists are not falling on deaf ears.

The push to ban single use plastic straws is increasing.  In my home town of Toronto, Canada, legislators are being pressured by  The Law Straw Toronto. Other cities pushing for change include New York and London, where Prime Minister May spoke at the recent G7 meeting in Charlebois encouraging other countries to follow their bid to ban straws.



Rose McInerney

Rose McInerney

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