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Timeless Art and Cosmic Truth: How We Flow Like Water

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What is it about those rare moments of happiness – when your heart aches with such overflowing joy you think it might just burst?

Stop for a minute and remember a time when you felt like this. Maybe it was the first few seconds when you became a parent? Or maybe it was graduating from school or watching a friend say “I do” in front of a large crowd.

At some point, in all of our lives, happiness cut through the darkness that can sometimes threaten our sense of security – our fundamental reason for being.  We know this in the wake of senseless shootings and crushing suicide figures.

Meet Arica Hilton. She is light incarnate and embodies the timeless art and cosmic truths that help us navigate the rough waters.

WomanScape featured Arica in one of our earliest stories (The Artist Who Lights Up the Sky). In fact, Arica’s poetry and multimedia artistry speaks to the truths that surround us in nature. She shows us how we flow like water.

This week’s visual voice highlights Arica’s “I Flow Like Water” paint series and the powerfully resourceful and deep well of endless human possibilities. We hope you enjoy Arica’s inspired truth and the happiness that comes from communing with our natural world. To see more of Arica’s work, visit her online at Arica Hilton Galleries.

Rose McInerney

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