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Dr. Lara Boyd and Neuroplasticity: Change Your Brain

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Did you know that your brain is hard at work even when you sleep?

More than 19 million people have heard Dr. Lara Boyd share fascinating facts about neuroplasticity – the study of the brain. In today’s video, you’ll hear some pretty amazing ideas and facts about the unique structure of every person’s brain.

So why does this matter? Essentially, the brain helps shape who we are, and it determines how we learn, function, and feel. Science says when we learn something new or alter the brain’s function, we change our brain.  So behaviors in everyday life matter. They affect the chemical health, structural pathways connected to memory, and the functional changes that control our physical and mental capabilities.

So don’t think your too old to learn or that aging prevents you from learning new thing or staying mentally sharp.

According to Dr. Boyd, science shows us that our brain can regenerate and reorganize. But changes in the brain are highly individual, so it’s important to understand what patterns help you improve your learning and to stay mentally and physically healthy to maximize our quality of life.

Readers know that WomanScape prides itself on encouraging everyone to learn and grow, together. In fact, you could say,  our work provides you with the kind of brain food we all require. So spend some time thinking on that and Dr. Boyd’s video and we’ll see you next Tuesday for another great video.


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