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Brene Brown on the “Power of Vulnerability”

In this wonderful TedTalk, Brown shares the power of vulnerability and the happiness that comes from embracing our insecurities and human flaws.

She reminds us how natural it is to want to feel connected to our world and the people in it. Being connected gives us a sense of purpose and meaning; and, according to Brown, it’s why we’re here.

Unfortunately, Brown says many of us disconnect from the world because we are ashamed of our vulnerabilities. We question our worthiness feeling that somehow we are undeserving of others.  When we do this and sweep our shame under the rug, it only fuels our insecurities and we actually suffer even more.

However, it we can be brave enough to embrace our vulnerabilities that’s when we experience our true self-worth and belonging.

Yes, it takes courage to share who you are. But it is also what truly frees us and allows us to authentically connect with others.

Brown’s advice is so needed today’s world, as evidenced by her TedTalk – which remains ever-popular with over 34 million views and having debuted eight years ago in 2010. Cover stories on popular newsstand magazines have also picked up on this theme. Pop star singer Kesha tells readers of June’s Cosmopolitan that vulnerability is her strength. I also read a recent article in a travel magazine about Ryan Reynolds, an actor publicly sharing his anxiety over interviews and his Hollywood success.

Getting this message across through pop culture and breaking societal stigmas is definitely a step in the right direction.

If we want to run with this point, know that Brown also suggests vulnerability is the birthplace of joy and creativity. When we are afraid to be vulnerable, we numb ourselves. We over eat, we bury our heads in our phones, we pop pills or we do any number of things to avoid pain or feeling uncomfortable. But when accept ourselves and our weaknesses, we learn gratitude and acceptance. Instead of dis-engaging with each other or sitting on the fence to avoid missteps, we discover new strengths and coping skills. In turn, they fuel our self-worth and we’re back happy again.

So let’s own who we are and practice gratitude and joy. When we do this, we are truly alive and can love ourselves completely.

Rose McInerney

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