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Throughout history, men and women have challenged ideas that inspired progress. Their legacies influence how we navigate the future.

Without a sense of history and a connection to the past and this progress, American writer Caroline Myss reminds us “the present moment is nothing more than a floating mirage disconnected from its formative events.

WS wants to ensure our human stories or courage and strength are never forgotten or left uncelebrated. This is especially true for women whose histories have been marginalized or largely omitted.

Our WS mission is to revisit and share the extraordinary pursuits of people in artful ways that inspire and connect them to the modern-day stories of other changemakers.

“Change your thoughts and you’ll change the world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

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Latest Stories

ChangemakersWomen Leaders
15,January, 2020

Claire Marin and the Secret Life of Bees

When Claire Marin was introduced to beekeeping in 2003, it became the catalyst for a new life, a successful Catskill Provisions business and a hive of happiness.
Art Cards
13,January, 2020

The Birth of Medusa’s Sting

In Greek mythology, anyone gazing on this gorgon would turn to stone. But for Paloma Sanchez, a gifted jewelry designer, Medusa is an inspirational and magnificent 39.18-carat opal.
ChangemakersWomen Leaders
10,January, 2020

Ava’s Eyes, A Window to the World

This story is about angels and demons, love and heartache, courage and hope. But most of all, it’s about a little girl named Ava learning to do what Stephen Hawking thought was too…
ChangemakersWomen Leaders
8,January, 2020

Maura ‘Soshin’ O’Halloran, The Zen Saint

“Happiness is the choice I make today. It does not rest on my circumstances but on my frame of mind. In cultivating the habits of happiness, I attract the people and situations that…