WomanScape writers are talented, well-traveled storytellers that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences around the globe.

They generously explore the landscape of women and build a sharing, connected community, one story at a time. Their stories focus on artful perspectives and insights across a broad range of subjects. They share their personal stories and talents, hoping to inspire readers to learn and grow.

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Art Cards
24,June, 2019

Nadine Labaki (1974 – )

The film industry is awash with hundreds of great movies for audiences to stream or enjoy in big box movie theaters. But most of these films fail to move audiences on a deeply…
24,June, 2019

The Artistry of Filmmaker, Nadine Labecki

This Wednesday, join us as Lebanese writer Yara Zgheib takes a bird’s eye view of Labaki’s artistry and her ability to use art to examine some of the most compelling problems of our…
MoviesWeek In Review
23,June, 2019

Beautiful Chaos in the Social Realism and Power of Film

“I asked the children I spoke to if they were happy to be alive, and for the most part they said no.” It’s hard to imagine a world where children are so miserable, they…
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