Some leaders are born women

Geraldine Ferraro

There are dozens of articles about great women married to great men. Traditionally, most feature the woman behind the man. We’re billed as catalysts and forces for helping men to realize success. I know this personally because I’ve am one.

While I take pride in helping anyone – whether it’s my husband, daughter, friend or stranger – I also see my success for what it is – my success. My ability to influence is not just for influencing. It is a reflection of who I am. I know that I am great in the same way that each of us is great.

Today’s fun Friday, so WomanScape has two things in store for you. First, we follow a familiar saying with a twist. How would you fill in the ending to this phrase when asked, “Behind every great woman is…”

Here’s what I found chatting with friends and searching the web. Behind every great woman is

  • A tribe of other successful women;
  • A husband who is a primary caregiver;
  • Herself;
  • An even greater woman; and,
  • A substancial amount of coffee!

We could go on but it might be fun to try this game with a group of friends. Here is a ​link to a card you can purchase if you have a super friend to thank. The notecards are made by a grief expert who runs a non-profit so it’s definitely worth supporting.

I love what the card says and couldn’t help but notice the close connection to my name, Nora McInerny. I’m sure we’re not related but this woman is funny and just happens to be doing some great work in the world. Thank you Nora.

Here’s what I found when I asked a few men to fill in the end of the phrase, “Behind every great woman is:

  • A great man;
  • A history of trailblazing;
  • A great fighter;
  • Someone who takes no shit!
  • Hard work; and,
  • Women like my wife.

The second fun Friday exercise is much easier. We found this amazing two-minute video that spotlights dozens of brilliant trailblazing women.

Shamefully, I realized there were so many I didn’t know so I wondered how many our readers would recognize. Try counting the number of women you recognize and if you’re like me and didn’t do so well, know it’s justification for WomanScape and all the amazing websites that share stories about women.

WomanScape still has a long way to go in building a bonafide catalog of women making history but with your help, we’re off to a darn good start. Be great and have a wonderful weekend.

Rose McInerney

Rose McInerney

Rose combines her love of all things artfully-designed to connect women to a shared community of learning and a richer, more fulfilled self. As a passionate storyteller, published writer, and international traveler, Rose believes women can build a better world through powerful storytelling.

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