There’s a surprising and little known book called, Why Not Try God?

It’s written in 1934 by one of the most celebrated female silent screen stars in the world, Mary Pickford.

The inside pages of this movie-buff’s collector book are both unexpected and fascinating. Having just retired from acting but still producing movies, Mary invited people to into the secrets of her life while offering pearls of wisdom about her self-described “rendez-vous with life.”

Mary achieved fame and wealth at a young age by making shrewd business decisions and taking risks; like forming United Artists and establishing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In fact, this was the first Hollywood book of its kind, with actors like Katharine Hepburn (ME, Stories of My Life) and even younger celebs to come like Drew Barrymore (Little Girl Lost) following Mary’s lead.

Take a peek at the forward section or consider watching some of Hollywood’s rarest footage of her silent short films from 1909 to 1912. And, if your really inspired to learn more, you might consider buying The Most Popular 100 Women Company Founders as an early holiday gift for a friend or relative.

Why Not Try God? Book By Mary Pickford

DVD Mary Pickford Rare Shorts disc I (1909-1912), classic silent films

Focus On: 100 Most Popular Women Company Founders

Mary Pickford was certainly famous for her acting career and the business enterprises she created, but the home that Douglas Fairbanks gave to her as a wedding present when they married in 1920 was legendary.

Early 1900s photo Mary Pickford / Moody, N.Y. Vintage Black & White

LIFE Magazine November 17, 1947 original issue. INSIDE: ‘Pickfair’ home of Mary Pickford. Single Issue Magazine – 1947

Life doesn’t get any better for this 1920 shot of the happy couple who moved into an 18 acre estate in Beverly Hills nicknamed Pickfair.

It welcomed dignitaries and celebrities with the same aplomb as the White House. Dinner guests include some of the most famous people in the world, including:

Charlie Chaplin, George Bernard Shaw, Amelia Earhart, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joan Crawford, Noël Coward, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, and the King and Queen of Siam.

The happy couple 1920

Sadly, Mary and Douglas divorced 16 years after they were married. It was, however, in this very house in 1976 that Mary received her second Oscar – a Lifetime Achievement Award. This LIFE magazine cover above shows Mary’s home and we’ve attached a short video clip of Mary’s LIVE 48th Academy Awards presentation made to her at Pickfair.

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