Julian Treasure Teaches Us How to Talk So People Listen

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Years ago when I was teaching high school, I had a student tell me to, “Talk to the hand.”

If you know what this means, it’s code for go ahead and speak but I’m not listening to a word you’re saying. Okay, so this was incredibly rude behavior but not without one redeeming quality. It was honest. Rude, but honest.

honesty, truth, authenticity, love, communication, Julian Treasure, listening, TedTalk, effective public speaking, vocal tips, Sound Agency, How to Be Heard, sound businessHow many of us tune out when someone is talking to us? You probably know why this happens, instinctually, but Julian Treasure has made understanding it a science.

He shares the power of the human voice and deciphers why people listen, offering an interesting take on this week’s WomanScape focus, “Why Can’t We Talk”. It also follows our recent Tuesday video featuring Celeste Headlee’s, 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation.

According to Julian, who definitely knows a thing or two about getting more than 17+ million to hear his TedTalk, we need to stop committing seven deadly sins.

This Faustian approach makes good sense not only to increase the power of our words, but also for making us better human beings. You’ll understand what I mean in Julian’s hazard sign below:

honesty, truth, authenticity, love, communication, Julian Treasure, listening, TedTalk, effective public speaking, vocal tips, Sound Agency, How to Be Heard, sound business

Julian’s explanation is insightful and quite telling when you consider how it is that we’ve fallen into such bad behaviors. In fact, I asked myself how some of our favorite news outlets measure up and why we watch the stations that we do. Admittedly, the news has evolved over the years as reporters have become television personalities. They do more than deliver the news. They appear on late-night talk shows and share their lives with viewers.

So while it’s natural to feel more personally connected to them, it’s also increasingly hard to find news stories that are objective and not infused with personal commentary. In this way, complaining, dogmatism confusing facts with opinions, or flat-out personal opinions infused with negativity have definitely created more room for news bias. No wonder people like me feel like tuning out more often.

But all HAIL to Julian because he does more than call out the sins of poor conversation; he tells us what intentions we need if we truly want to engage others. Using HAIL as an acronym (honesty, truth, authenticity and love), Julian emphasizes the root of our intention as the mantra for what truly matters.

While there are many additional tools at our disposal for crafting messages that keep people listening, Julian goes back to basics. In the end, physical vocal habits like volume and pace are great to master but they can never replace a truly conscious and dedicated effort to build better understanding.


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