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Fifi’s Five Fabulous Feminist Films for your Flit from a Friday Funk

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Some days you just want to escape your world and take up residence in someone else’s reality.

A trip to the movies can be just the hall pass needed for such a mental adventure – and so much the better if the escape involves a destination that uplifts you and your sense of identity as a woman. Enter this list of Fifi’s Five Fabulous Feminist Films for your Flit from a Friday Funk.


For our first feminist number we’re going straight to a musical that is essentially an ode to 1920s fashion and killing off cheating dudes – both topics we can all get behind. Chicago follows the stories of merry murderesses Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in prohibition era Chicago and their dazzling dance with the justice system after some unfortunate incidents where the men in their lives (who had it coming) met with untimely demise.

Why you should watch it:

Come for the sequins, stay for the slaughter: in the words of Roxie herself, who says that murder’s not an art? Also, because it’s Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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