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Saving the World From Plastic Pollution, “One Flush At A Time”

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Natalie Fee’s story is changing history. After discovering the truth about the lasting and toxic effects of our plastic waste, Natalie realized she needed to do something.

So she wrote a song (Burden), created a music video, and started a company, CitytoSea. Learn more about this environmental activist and writer at as you watch her TedTalk below.  The heart-wrenching truths about our plastic pollution will inspire you to change the way you see the world, and hopefully turn you into a champion for change.



Rose McInerney

Rose McInerney

Rose combines her love of all things artfully-designed to connect women to a shared community of learning and a richer, more fulfilled self. As a passionate storyteller, published writer, and international traveler, Rose believes women can build a better world through powerful storytelling.

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