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Dr. Sylvia Earle: My Wish – To Protect Our Oceans

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What was it like for a woman to be taken seriously as a scientist and to overcome gender stereotypes in 1966?

Ask Dr. Sylvia Earle who took 10 years to complete her doctorate from Harvard University because she took time to marry and have three children. Or, ask her what it was like to try and blend in with 70 male scientists on her first diving expedition in the Indian Ocean. Dr. Earle was treated more like a mermaid than an aquanaut. News headlines read:

Sylvia Sails Away With 70 Men. But She Expects No Problems.

Meet Dr. Sylvia Earle. She is a marine biologist, explorer, author and lecturer.

Speaking for the ocean, she cares little about the fame and the fight it’s taken for her to become one of the ocean’s greatest ally. Named Time Magazine’s Women Of Change, she learned to ignore terms like aqua-chick and aqua-babe well before she was named the first woman chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Dr. Earle’s steely and outspoken honesty about what she sees as the greatest threat to our planet’s life giving waters – human beings – sets an incredible example for all women and men. Most of her life has been spent helping people understand and appreciate the amazing truth about our oceans. When asked, Dr. Earle credits her career success to a sense of humor, no expectation of favors and a serious and unrelenting work ethic. 

In this award-winning TedTalk you’re about to see, there’s nothing to prepare you for Dr. Earle’s insight and call to action.

She shares her greatest fears and the few bright spots that give her hope. But, she also says, in no uncertain terms, that our plant is doomed if we destroy our blue waters. Even now, we are on a deadly course and if we are not careful, we will be like Mars; lifeless because there is no water.

Make no mistake: water is the life-source coursing through earth’s veins. To learn more about Dr. Earle and her amazing work, visit: Mission Blue. If you like this video, leave us a note below. Share this video on your social media and with others. Better yet, donate to organizations like Mission or World Ocean’s Day.


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