Saturday, January 20, 2018
Taayoo Murray, Making Me Happen, parenting skills, kids empowerment, steps to success, classroom success, helicopter parents, education, motivation, healthy habits, failure, womanscape

If you feel like you’re driving the bus to your kids’ success in life, STOP! Meet Taayoo Murray and the secrets she’s discovered for getting kids to be self-motivated. In her 2017 book Making Me Happen, Taayoo helps kids and their parents navigate the ...

Din Tai Fung restaurant, famous dumplings, seasame noodles, art of making dumplings, Michelin Star restaurant, Pork Xiao Long Bao, history of Din Tai Fung, Taipei, China, bulk cooking, Chinese New Year, Asian comfort food

Several months ago, my eldest son convinced me to join him for soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung restaurant.  I was resistant at first, even more after he said we’d have to get there early and wait in line for at least an hour. ...

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The final goodbye party was full of last hugs and kisses. It was time to depart on our adventure, or so we thought. We left our home in Colorado in December 2016 to spend  eight weeks traveling and visiting family and friends.  From the ...

Art & Literature

Forget for a moment that she was married to seven different men, and one of them twice. Or that her role in John Huston’s Cleopatra movie solidified her stardom as the highest paid and one of most popular and iconic silver-screen actresses in the ...

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